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April 10, 2018

Ikea launches its new Industriell collection this month in collaboration with Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek – a nod to handmade craftsmanship and pine wood.

After last year’s March 2017 release of the Jassa line, the two meet up again for a second go.

“I wanted people to have the feeling of buying a unique product” – the collection is based on the idea of ‘handmade’ – “we developed new ways of to work with wood, glass, ceramics, and tiles to produce consistently individual items on a large scale. The costs were primarily in the development and as production didn’t change, we were able to create affordable ‘handmade’ pieces.”

Ikea’s new Industriell collection includes woven chairs, $199, handmade-style urns, $29, woven lights, $29-$40, and tea towels that could pass muster as high-end pieces,

Ikea’s Industriell 200cm table, $199,

Ikea Industriell woven chair could easily pass muster as a high-end design, $199,

Apparently, the design approach didn’t change working for such a large market: “Industrialization leads to so many ideas being perfect that today people have different perceptions of beauty. You could say I strive for perfect imperfection.”

It was especially important for the wooden pieces – usually pine products – go through a process to remove the ‘flaws’ for my collection We did as little as possible to the wood to preserve its character. It’s these natural kinks that give craft objects their individuality, but it is difficult to persuade the people working in the factories to embrace what they usually perceive to be mistaken as something positive.

What’s your favourite piece? That’s difficult. Perhaps the armchair. I remember seeing the prototype and finding it enchanting.

Ikea’s new Industriell collection by Piet Hein Eek includes woven pendant lights in four designs, $29.99-$40 which are great style updaters,

We’re stocking up on Ikea’s new Industriell tea towels, two-pack,$7.99, Ikea,

Go for the woven armchairs which look a lot more expensive than they are, $199. Also, woven pendant lights which come in four shapes, that are great style updaters, that will instantly elevate any space, $29-$40. Plus, fab plates, $1.99, earthenware vases, $29, glass vases, 1.99, and terrific tea towels, $7.99 for two to freshen your kitchen. Inquiries, (02) 8020 6641,




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