Oh, Wedgwood, you do what you do so well.

November 16, 2017

We are head-over-heels with Burlington, the venerable UK brand’s fabulous new collection of pots: ideal for creating your own portable garden, indoors or out.

In what may be the most quintessentially British of collabs, Wedgwood has teamed with Laura Cavendish, Countess of Burlington and daughter-in-law of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire to develop the collection.

Apparently, in 1778 Wedgwood founder, Josiah Wedgwood presented the Duchess of Devonshire with a set of pots he named the Devonshire Flower Pot.

Inspired by nature and heritage, the new Burlington is handmade in Jasperware, and comes in four sizes that are ideal for adding instant structure, focal points and softening any space.

Great also, for creating the English country house look, even if you don’t happen to own an English country house. Ideal in standalone isolation or for grouping en masse in one place.

There are four different colour combos: choose from blue-on-white, white-on-blue, black-on-white or white-on-black, which you can coordinate or contrast to suit your setting, environment or mood.

The integrity, pedigree, and individuality of each piece feels totally in tune with the mood in interiors right now. After all, each design is a unique handcrafted one-off; great for finishing a room, and bringing out your personal style.

Add them to your present list for friends who appreciate authentic things: each pot is imprinted with ‘Wedgwood Made in England’, Lady Burlington’s signature, the Devonshire Ducal Coronet & Snake family crest which is sure to strike the right note, this season.

A timeless piece for you (and your house) to love forever. We’re totally down! Wedgwood.com.au

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