What's hot and what's not in the world of cocktails

February 14, 2018

We know what the best people are (and, crucially, are not) drinking – after all, we go to a lot of parties. But, as with everything, fashion is fickle. Last year’s Aperol could be next year’s Babycham. So to help you keep up…we are publishing Tatler’s list of what’s in and what’s out in the drinks department.


  • Negroni. Currently the big-hitter, the top dog. VERY happening. Even people who don’t like them (they are super-bitter) are drinking them.
  • G&T. A classic turned hip. Just don’t start brewing your own gin.
  • Straight vodka. Never not cool.
  • Champagne. Just because.
  • Whisky. No longer just for men. In fact, we declare that all alcohol is unisex. So here’s to the big bloke sucking on a piña colada.
  • Tequila. Makes you dance and, if you don’t mix, you’ll be fresh as a daisy the morning after.
  • Espresso tequila. The best way to start the evening. A pre-dinner sharpener. Good work.


  • Rosé. We’re calling time and banishing this fruity little upstart to the Med. It should be noted that frosé (frozen rosé) was only ever ‘in’ for those four days it was above 25 degrees in June 2017. It is very much out now.
  • Elderflower. Some genius put elderflower in a gin and tonic c. 2014 and suddenly it was everywhere. If you can’t handle a stiff G&T, please turn the page.
  • Cucumber. See elderflower.
  • Aperol spritz. It has returned to Italy, where it will continue to be consumed in pretty little piazzas after its brief summer sojourn in Australia 2017. 


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